Press Quotations



“The tragic smile in depths of grief exposes the power of resistance with all sensitivity. I shamefully observed the true circumstances of fact after your brush.”

Yurdagul Erkoca, Cumhuriyet Newspaper, 1988


“…As a reflection of reality, this exhibition revives the idea of Plato that “Art is not optical illusion; it is insinuating, referring.” Alime Mitap deals with hard-to-transmit subjects as psychological effects, disregarded honour, and depression. These testimonies are read through the objects, colours and expressionistic components. The artist is expressing the injustice with a hunger for a better and brighter future.”

Le Courrier, Switzerland, 06 October 1989


“While the state is reproducing the policies that follows with its own mechanisms and strengthening its cultural organizations suitable for itself with all its resources what have the dynamics of the society that represent the future done? As an example related with the period of September 12th, there were people who tried to reflect what really happened with art, music, caricature and literature. It’s required to consider that Gırgır magazine’s press run was 500.000 and the paintings of Alime Mitap nationally and internationally served to tell about the facts of that era both nationwide and internationally.”

Gunseli Kaya, Human Rights Association, Gercek, Issue:27, 1994


“Alime Mitap firstly opened her exhibitions in Istanbul (Taksim, Ortakoy and Kadıkoy) in May and June in 1988. At the 10th year of the darkness of September 12th she held it in Ankara. According to what’s been told, the opening was splendid with the participation of Aziz Nesin, Nevzat Helvaci, Ilber Ortayli, Julide Gulizar. After all September 12th was celebrated (!) by its adherents (!)... After Dikili Festival in 1989, the exhibition toured France, 4 cities in Switzerland and 3 cities in Germany. September 12th dispersed to the whole of world. It’s still not enough for the joy of supporters of September 12th.”

Bulent Habora, Evrensel Newspaper, 2006


“…In one room “The effects of the torture upon individual, and rapprochement to the victims of torture and abuse (Experience of Human Rights Association)”, “Non-violence to be able to dream a new world” was being discussed; in another Burhanettin Kaya Ph. D. was investigating “Sivas Massacre under the threat of paradox about leaving out and crumpling”, accompanied with the slide show of Alime Mitap’s “Pictures in our minds: From the Shadows of September” that held a post mortem of September 12th.”

L. Dogan Kilic, Birgun Newspaper, 2007


Translator: Evrim ADAROĞLU