Alime Yalçın Mitap

Born in Salihli, Manisa, Turkey, Alime Mitap graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science, Politics and Administration Department. She studied painting at the workshops of Kadir Ata and Fahir Aksoy, in Izmir.

She staged her first exhibition in 1988, in Istanbul. The paintings of that exhibition were published as a catalogue under the name of “From the Shadows of September” by Belge Publishing House. The paintings that were impressions of the artist and what she witnessed directly and experienced personally during the time of being a political detainee of September 12th period were exhibited domestically and internationally in different cities. Mitap attended “Mixed Exhibition of Artists from Turkey” in November, 1990 in Strasbourg after having been invited. Her paintings are included in some private collections and various national and foreign institutions.

Alime Mitap worked for Municipality of Bornova (in Izmir) as Arts Consultant between 1990 and 2005. Her essays, short stories and drawings were published in several newspapers and magazines. Besides the catalogue of “From the Shadows of September”, “Book Days” that she compiled from the documents of cultural activities was published. Also, she translated On Liberty by John Stuart Mill into Turkish.

Officiated as the Vice President of Izmir Branch of the Civil Service Union (Mulkiyeliler Birligi) in 2004-2005, Alime Mitap was appointed to the Culture Director of Municipality of Cigli (in Izmir) in 2005 for which she currently continues serving.

In 2008, the art contests, “The Earth is not only Ours”, including drawing, poetry and essay-writing between the primary school students of 4th and 5th grades which Mitap organised under the roof of the Culture Directorship Cigli Municipality aroused great interest in national press. It was evaluated by the environmentalist writers and various environment organisations as a crucial and exemplary venture aiminig to awaken environment consciousness in younger generation, being a positive outcome of the efforts inclined to the integration of nature and animal rights into general “struggle for rights” .

Alime Mitap, working as Advisor of President in Cigli Municipalty since July 2008, also in August 2008 was appointed as the spokesperson to Allianoi Initiative Group (an activist group to preserve historical remainings and site of Allianoi againts the barrage project which will bury Allianoi under the waters for good).

Translator: Evrim ADAROĞLU